Striving for a healthier planet

Belbana´s are not only synonymous with fruit that makes you smile, we also strive to make the world around us smile as well. So how do we do it? To achieve our goals we keep three core ethical values: healthy living, healthy workers and healthy earth. Scroll down to learn more about each of these pillars.

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Healthy Living

At Belbana we know that in order to reach a healthy lifestyle, you need the right tools. That’s why our fruit is grown respecting international standards and the maximum allowed levels of pesticides for conventional bananas as determined by the EU regulation 396/2005.

Moreover, our products are GlobalG.A.P. certified and the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) inspects almost every day all goods arriving at our custom warehouse, ensuring only the best quality bananas make its way to your hands.

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Healthy Workers

We take pride in personally visiting the plantations, ensuring our partners work under the best conditions. Our farms, located in Ecuador and Nicaragua, are Rainforest and GlobalG.A.P. certified and are continuously investing in bettering their practices. This way we show that we are not just satisfied the way things are, we strive forward setting new standards.

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Healthy Earth

The healthiest part of our diets, fruits and vegetables, are grown right here on our earth under the care of mother nature. In order for us to keep enjoying these delights, it’s become a priority for Belbana to become CO2 neutral from our plantations, all the way to our warehouses in Europe.

We are already in the process of achieving carbon neutrality in 2022 and will continue to push the boundaries of limiting our emissions through the course of our operations. This way we will save water, use less plastics at our packing facilities, and switch to renewable forms of transportation to become industry leading by 2025.

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