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Belbana is a family-owned company with a proven track record of over 30 years of banana import experience. With a strong focus on delivering quality bananas with end-to-end logistics services, we pride ourselves in handling your fruit with the highest standards in quality and sustainability. Our long-lasting relationships with clients and producers reinforce our ethos that honest business create the highest value for the end customer.

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For a clean future

For a clean future

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Our plantations

"Our aim is to create healthy banana smiles from the sunny tropical fields to your kitchen."

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Our certifications

The most recognizable sustainability label in the world, the Fairtrade organization aims to ensure that farmers and workers are paid a fair price. The standards set by fairtrade ensure not only the survival of much-needed farmers, but also empowers them to have a voice on the global market.

Belbana´s FLO-ID 26171 has been certified by FLOCERT.

The EU Biolabel guarantees that the production of bananas has met the strict regulations of biological agriculture, processing and sales.

The easy to spot label is rooted in European legislation and is managed by the European Commission.

Belbana has been certified by Certification Body BE-BIO-01 CERTISYS.

IFS Broker ensures the safety and consistent quality of products all around the world. Through strict auditing, the supply chain fulfils the highest standards from production to distribution.
Belbana follows the IFS standardisation practices to ensure you with only the best quality fruit.


The banana industry is a constantly evolving market, with new challenges and creative solutions on an almost daily basis. Want to know more about the latest developments? Follow our blog and read the latest news from Belbana!

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